Crispy Garlic Cabbage Rounds - 3 Ingreds - Easier, healthier + tastier than kale (or potato) chips!

Your getting this Crispy Garlic Cabbage Rounds recipe because I hate kale chips.



Yes, I know kale chips are a "superfood." As a nutritional therapist, you'd expect me to be singing the praises of kale chips.

But here's the thing... I find kale chips to be overrated, expensive, difficult, and more or less completely unsatisfying. #justme?

Making + eating kale chips is about as practical and satisfying as ironing bedsheets (never gonna happen in this house).

It takes a ton of time + effort. And, I dunno about you, but I find eating kale chips is about as "filling" as eating salty, oiled air.

And unfortunately, the packaged grocery kale chips are nothing more than incredibly overpriced junk food crumbs huddling at the bottom or corner of a deceivingly large, but mostly-empty, container.  #amiright?

All same functional problems of kale chips exist for potato chips - plus the added layer of complexity: namely, potato chips aren't a "superfood." They tend to be highly addictive... thanks to that overly palatable combination of high carbs/starch + fat (not to mention salt, maybe sugar, and lil preservative, etc etc). 

And potato chips can do a bit more health + waistline damage than kale chips. In our house, we can't buy them. They will disappear immediately (I mean, crunch, I have absolutely NO idea, crunch-crunch, where that entire bag could have, crunch, disappeared to... crunch. Also. I'm hungry, is it lunchtime yet?)    ;)

So. I'm proposing these CRISPY GARLIC CABBAGE ROUNDS to those of us who like a little crunch + salt. Those of us who want to eat healthy(er). And those of us who like to feel "full" - or at least like we ate something when we eat, unlike with kale or potato chips.

Now, please don't expect these cabbage rounds to be potato chips. They're not.

But we think they're a darn good alternative, anyway.

Plus, the outsides do get nice and crispy and sorta chip-like. 

The inside of the rounds don't get crispy (unless you keep peeling the outer layers off)... but please don't get me wrong; the insides are pretty freaking delicious, too.

Did I mention they're everything kale and potato chips aren't? Easy. Tasty. PRACTICAL. Naturally health-supportive. You can brag about them to your friends and recommend them to pretty much, well, the whole world.

You know what you have to do.

Now go.


Crispy Garlic Cabbage Rounds

2-4 servings
5-10 mins prep time

35-45 mins cook time



  • CABBAGE, 1 head
  • BACON GREASE, 2 tbsp - or other high-heat-friendly cooking fat like butter, walnut oil or avocado oil
  • GARLIC, minced/fresh - garlic salt would also work, but wouldn't be as tasty
  • sea salt + pepper, to taste - in our house, S+P are a staple, so I don't count them as an ingredient  ;)



  • OVEN - Pre-heat to 400
  • CUTTING BOARD - I mean, I think the Greener Chef one is nice, hehe   ;)
  • BAKING SHEETS (lined with PARCHMENT PAPER, optional) - if you don't have PP, you can use just the pan, which will get the rounds extra-crispy, faster, but can be a cleanup hassle. We don't use aluminum foil or pans at home, as it's been shown to leech aluminum into the food (eee-ick!) and as cabbage/garlic are high in Vit C + cooked at a high temp, they pose an even greater threat. (here's the general info and here's a formal research study)
  • PASTRY BRUSH, optional - but helps to brush on just enough, (and not too much) oil. I just use a standard silicone one
  • OVEN-SAFE BOWL, small
  • FORK



  1. Pre-heat OVEN to 400 degrees. 
  2. Add cooking FAT to small OVEN-SAFE BOWL. Place fat/bowl in pre-heating oven to melt if it's not already liquid. 
  3. Slice CABBAGE into 1/4"-1/2" rounds and place on (lined) BAKING SHEET.
  4. BRUSH melted FAT on the cabbage rounds.
  5. SALT + PEPPER the cabbage rounds, to taste.
  6. Use FORK to spread MINCED GARLIC on cabbage. You might have to use your fingers to de-clump it... I won't tell.  ;) 
  7. BAKE 35-40 mins, checking every 10 mins. You may need to pull off outer edges or wisps that start to get too crispy or burnt (personally, we love them extra crispy/almost burnt like this)
  8. BROIL on LO for the last few minutes to get extra-crispy. But watch them close bec it's easy to overdo it!


Laura - Greener Chef

United States