SouperC to Fight Cold + Flu (Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free)

In our house, we don't get the flu. Like, ever.

What's more, Brent + I rarely get sick, despite frequently being exposed to sickness. We believe this is (at least partly) because we're watchful about what we allow IN our bodies. Thanks to former interests of mine (namely being a nutritional therapist and instructor of nutrition) I've been well-schooled in how the things we permit to enter our body can positively or negatively affect it.

Which is why we choose to eat the whole, nutrient-dense foods Nature has provided for our health + well-being -- out of respect for both our bodies and the earth. 

Yes, this means we eat a very "green" diet. But not just greens. We also eat meat and other foods of various color.  ;)  

Our personal rule of (green) thumb is: if Nature didn't provide it for us, we prolly don't need it. 

And yes, this means we avoid anything that's not a "real" food, including processed/convenience food, sugar/sweeteners, and chemical additives. We also choose to avoid some of the whole foods that have been highly refined and those that seem to attack and damage our personal health. And it works. Both Brent + I are a heck of a lot healthier than we used to be.

But we're far from perfect or infallible. We still get sick, 

And when we do get sick, we stick with the rule. We choose healing foods + natural remedies to help us through. No cold meds or nasal sprays or fever fighters or swelling reducers or other OTC pills filled with 6-syllable chemical ingredients of questionable origin and safety for us. 

I know, I know. You think we're weird hippie rebel naturalists. 

Well, kind of.

But it's more about this: we know our bodies have the ability to do battle with sickness and naturally overcome it. It's a fairly stellar design feature of all human bodies, and it works best when supported by a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet that's naturally chock full o' vitamins + minerals.

Letting our bodies do what they do naturally is free, good for us both short + long-term, good for the earth, and doesn't come with any shady side effects (other than the obvious short-term discomfort 0f being sick). 

I'll be honest - choosing to allow ourselves to be sick is not real comfortable. It certainly doesn't alleviate the symptoms. Actually, it lets them hit us, full-bore! But we're mostly ok with that (minus a little whining, here and there). We know it's short-term, and that we'll get through it, thanks to the natural, built-in healing functions of our body.

(To be clear, we're not extremists. We think modern medicine is a wonder + blessing. If there was a health emergency we would obviously seek appropriate medical treatment. Thank God for all the amazing doctors, nurses + technology out there!).  

So when we do get sick, we lean on nutritional powerhouses -- like this soup -- in which nearly every ingredient is a Vit C superstar.

And actually, we're pretty sure this soup helped tremendously a couple weeks ago when Brent (and everyone else we know!) got sick. Max + I "dosed up" on this soup and we stayed healthy. Brent was over his sickness in no time!  ;) 


Souper-C to Fight Cold + Flu

Can be made in an Instant Pot, electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, crockpot, or stockpot on stove.



Soups are very forgiving -- especially when cooked long + slow (or in Instant Pot). You rarely have to worry about exactness. If you're short or missing ingredients, use what you have! It's a great place to get creative and/or use up things that are nearing (or just past) expiration  :)

  • CARROTS (1+ lb, any variety)
  • KALE (1 bunch, any variety)
  • CILANTRO, PARSLEY or DILL (1/2 to 1 bunch of fresh is ideal, otherwise dried)
  • ONION (1-2 whole)
  • CELERY (4+ stalks and leaves)
  • GARLIC (1 tbsp fresh/minced)
  • SOUP STOCK/BROTH or water (4+ cups chicken, beef, or veggie, natural + free of non - whole food ingredients) 
  • CURRY POWDER (1 tbsp)
  • COCONUT OIL (1 tbsp)


  • SMOKED PAPRIKA (2 tsps)
  • OTHER VEGGIES: zucchini, green beans, peas, radishes, greens, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc
  • SOUP BONES (from a previous meal of beef, chicken, etc)



  1. Chop CARROTS into large, edible chunks (petite/baby carrots are fine left whole).
  2. Cut/rip KALE leaves into 2-3" pieces. Don't waste the stems! Cut/chop stems into 1-2" chunks.
  3. Chop ONION and CELERY to preferred size.
  4. You may wish to quickly saute the veggies if you want the soup to be done faster (you can do this right in a stockpot/Instant Pot with a little oil and broth).
  5. Add all ingredients to pot except liquid.
  6. Fill pot up with the STOCK/BROTH (and/or water) and cook as described below.

INSTANT POT / PRESSURE COOKER: Cook on Soup setting, 50+ minutes.

SLOW COOKER / CROCK POT:  Cook 4+ hrs on high or 6+ hrs on low. Stir occasionally, and taste test/season if you'd like.

STOVETOP: simmer, 6+ hours. Stir occasionally, and taste test/season if you'd like.

Laura - Greener Chef

United States